Vaccines and Immunizations

Immunization is an unquestionable human right and an essential part of primary healthcare. It's also among the finest investments in health that money can buy. Infectious illness outbreaks can be prevented and controlled with the use of vaccines. They support the security of the world's health and will be a crucial weapon in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Every year, vaccinations save millions of lives and contribute to global health and development. By bolstering your body's natural defences, vaccines lower your chance of contracting a disease. Your immune system reacts to vaccinations.

A vaccination stimulates the immune system, and many vaccines introduce weak or inactive germs into our bodies. mRNA vaccines not so. Instead, mRNA vaccines instruct our cells to manufacture a protein—or even just a portion of a protein—that prompts an immune response in our bodies using mRNA that was synthesised in a lab.

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