Molecular Biology

The field of molecular biology studies the compositions, relationships, structures, and biological roles of many biomolecules, such as amino acids, nucleic acids (DNA and RNA), proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.Applications for molecular biology techniques include the prevention and treatment of disease, the creation of novel protein products, and the modification of plants and animals to produce desired phenotypic features.

Modern molecular medicine includes the use of several molecular biology approaches to the study of illness, disease genes, and disease gene activity. The invention of recombinant DNA and cloning techniques has made it feasible to examine illness genes and their function in an unaffected person.

Nucleic acids, such as DNA and RNA, as well as protein production in cells, are significant subjects studied in this course. A subfield of biology called molecular biology is closely connected to the fields of biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, and genomics.

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